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Cristen Malia

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Cristen earned a master’s degree from Naropa University in Transpersonal Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in mindfulness. She has worked closely with Angela Melzer of Minds in Motion in an internship capacity as well as on projects supporting clients in receiving a whole being approach to healing, and is honored to now be a part of the Minds in Motion team offering mindfulness based psychotherapy and yoga and psychotherapy.

Cristen has a fascination in learning about the inherent wisdom of the body and mind. She has a passion in blending time honored practices such as yoga and meditation with western psychology to create a contemporary therapeutic opportunity. Cristen is continually amazed and humbled by all of it, and through her own embodied experience she has learned how accessible and beneficial these practices are in healing, connection, and in supporting one in navigating the wild ride of life with more grace, ease and compassion.
Cristen hopes to provide an inviting platform, skillful guidance and compassionate presence to support others in finding their own inherent and healing wisdom within. Services include strategies in dealing with anxiety, depression, transition, recovery from trauma, addiction, as well as enhancing communication in relationships, stress management, and coaching in applying meditative techniques.

Cristen has lived in the wonderful community of Steamboat Springs for 18 years. She continues to teach yoga, and has also been an elementary school teacher, a librarian, and a ski bum. Cristen enjoys playing in the mountains of Colorado, spending time with her friends and family, dancing with the breath on her yoga mat, and eating delicious and nutritious food.

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